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Violin making handsStepan Soultanian was born in Cyprus in 1965 and grew up in London. He studied the violin from the age of six and achieved grade eight distinction, thus coming to love the instrument at an early age.

He became interested in violin making in his early teens after a chance encounter with a violin maker. By the age of fifteen he had already begun making and repairing instruments.

On completing his A-level studies in Music, Art and English, Stepan entered and eventually graduated from the Newark School of Violin Making in 1986, with merit.

In 1989, following three valuable years of repairing and restoration work for Oxford Violins and Mila Strand in London he went to work at Chaconne Co. Ltd in Nagoya, Japan.

This enabled him to work on and study many fine instruments and bows, thereby amassing a wealth of knowledge, especially concerning set-ups and tone adjustment.

In 1996 Stepan was invited to become the shop manager at Stradi Kanazawa, Japan. In addition to repair and restoration work, he was commissioned to make a quartet of instruments and various copies of clients' violins.

Family-man Stepan Soultanian has been based in Cyprus since 1999. His business, however, takes him regularly to Europe, the Far East, North America and Australia. In addition he visits regularly and maintains a permanent workshop in central Athens, Greece.

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